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digestIT 2004

What users are saying about digestIT 2004

"I've found this little piece of software a real gem."
-- Lazlo W.

"Incredibly simple!"
-- user cykl0n

"I've been using digestIT for a while &just wanted to say thanks. It's very easy to use."
-- Anthony B.,

"I love the way DigestIT is integrated with the pull down menu on files."
-- Howard V., Novell, Inc.

"It [sic] like it because it does MD5 and SHA-1 hashs and integrates into Windows as a right-click context menu."
-- Roger Grimes,

MD5 for Win32 introduced the "right-click and hash" interface to calculate a message digest without having to open a separate program. digestIT 2003 took it further by adding multiple file support, integrated copying and saving, and support for the SHA-1 message digest algorithm.

Introduce digestIT 2004, taking digestIT 2003 one step further by adding integrated verification support right in the same easy-to-use interface.

Download digestIT 2004: 32-bit (x86) -- 64-bit (x64)

Download MD5 for Win32 (early version of digestIT 2004, 32-bit only)



Known Issues

The only issue of which users need to be aware is what is called the "2GB limitation". What this means is that the progress indicator will not properly display the file size and processing progress of files that are 2GB or larger in size. However, the final result displayed for such a file will still be correct.